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Ramadan Fundraising

Ramadan Fundraising 

Your Sadaqa Jareeya Opportunity! 

Securing the Future of Our Next Generation!


Ramadan is one of the main months of worship, forgiveness, and giving. Sunrise Academy is one of the main Islamic schools in Columbus, Ohio since 1996. We started with less than 50 students and alhamdulillah we are now educating over 460 students as of this current school year. Our school emphasizes the importance of our beautiful religion, Islam, in everything that we do. As the world around us changes every day, we strive to incorporate Islam into our daily activities. Our goal is for all of our students to graduate from our school as confident Muslim Americans who know their religion and know how to use it in a positive, helpful way in order to become successful in their future wherever they end up.

Your donations to our beloved school will assist in helping us to continue to reach our goal to ensure a successful Islamic education for your children insha'Allah. 

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