Sunrise Academy STEM Accreditation

As an educational institution, we understand that learning and education are constantly evolving and changing and so are our students and how they learn! Sunrise Academy is committed to evolving and changing to meet the academic and unique needs of our students by creating a dynamic learning experience for each student on an individual level. We want to ensure that our students are empowered learners who are prepared for the workplace through the access and exposure we provide for them on a daily basis. We strongly believe that the integration of STEM and Project Based Learning is a means to fulfilling this commitment to all of you.

What does this mean for our instructional staff:

  • Through our partnership, they are all currently receiving extensive training and coaching through VAZA Educational Coaching Consultants on Project Based Learning (Project Based Learning-PBL- is a teaching method in which students learn by actively engaging in real-world and personally meaningful projects).

  • Expanded opportunities for staff to engage students in relevant learning that address real-world problems in our community, while leveraging authentic public-private partners, such as businesses, colleges and others who are invested in our students’ success.

What does this mean for our students:

  • They will enjoy the high levels of engagement and learning by working on projects that solve real-world problems or complex questions. They will demonstrate their knowledge and skills by creating a public product or presentation for a real audience. As a result, students will develop deep content knowledge as well as critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication skills which ultimately leads to higher student performance in their educational settings and careers.

Here is some additional information in regards to STEM:

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM is important because it pervades every part of our lives. Science is everywhere in the world around us. Technology is continuously expanding into every aspect of our lives. Engineering is the basic designs of roads and bridges, but also tackles the challenges of changing global weather and environmentally-friendly changes to our home. Mathematics is in every occupation, every activity we do in our lives.[2]

When we say STEM, a lot of people think that it's only about science, technology, engineering and math. We disagree wholeheartedly. We think that a better definition of STEM is strategies that engage minds,” said Aimee. [1]  


Please Note: This does not happen overnight and will involve incremental steps to increase access and opportunities to relevant and authentic learning experiences for your students

We are so excited to embark on this journey of improving instruction and learning for all of our kiddos!

Thank you for all your support!