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Google Classroom and Google Meet

Google Classroom

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Google Classroom: Enter and Join a Class -- Click Here

Once a student logs into their Google account, there are several ways a student can join a class.  In this video tutorial, we will go over how your student can enter their Google account as well as the three ways they can join a class. Once your student has joined a class,  they will begin receiving announcements and assignments from their teacher.

Google Classroom: Attach Images and Documents to an Assignments -- Click Here

Attaching images and documents to an assignment the teacher has assigned to students, can be done with a few clicks of a button. In this video, we will go over how your student can attach images and files to an assignment and send the completed attachments to the teacher.

Google Classroom: Submit Assignments -- Click Here

Your student has been diligent about completing his/her assignments to show his/her teacher their understanding of the material. Now, how do they submit their work? In this video, we will go over how a student can submit an assignment he/she has completed for it to be viewed and graded by the teacher.  

Google Classroom: Communicate -- Click Here

In addition to receiving and returning their completed work, there are several ways your student can communicate with their teacher in Google Classroom. In this video, we will go over the ways your student and the teacher can communicate

Google Classroom: Parent Settings -- Click Here

Are you curious as to how your child is doing in a class? As the guardian, you can receive daily or weekly email summaries about your child’s progress, which includes information about missing work, upcoming work, and class activity. 

Google Meet


Google Meet Parent Video Index

Google Meet: Entering a Google Meet from Google Classroom -- Click Here

This short video will help you as a parent or guardian assist your student in joining their class’ Google Meet through Google Classroom. 

Google Meet: Icons and Options -- Click Here

Once your student has entered a Google Meet, there are several different icons and options that you can choose from. This video will give you the knowledge to help your student interact with their class. 

Google Meet: Leaving a Google Meet -- Click Here

Once the Google Meet has ended, your student will need to exit the Meet session. This video will help you and your student exit a Google Meet.