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Written Resolution/Complaint Process

​Sunrise Academy School District believes all complaints and concerns are important and should be handled in a timely matter. Our administration takes pride in valuing the importance of the opinions of our students, parents, staff and community. All complaints and suggestions will be handled using the step process listed below. It is the attempt of Sunrise Academy Administration to resolve complaints at the lowest step level possible.

STEP 1: Please complete the Resolution/Complaint Form located in the front office of Sunrise Academy, or on this page of our website. Please find the form below.

STEP 2: Sunrise Academy Administration will view the form within 5 business days and a phone conference will be scheduled to discuss the circumstances of the complaint.

STEP 3: Administration will discuss complaint and an investigation will occur. The investigation should take no longer than 5 business days from the scheduled phone conference.

STEP 4: A written response with resolution will be emailed/mailed to the name and address given on complaint form.

STEP 5: If resolution is not to the satisfaction of person issuing complaint an informal hearing can be requested with Sunrise Academy School Board.

*Please note that all complaints and suggestions are valued and important to growth of Sunrise Academy. No complaint will be held against any student, parent, staff, or community member.