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Sunrise Academy's Mission & Vision

Our Mission

​Our mission is to provide the highest quality education
to the diverse community of Muslim children in Central Ohio
within an Islamic environment that nurtures and builds
each child’s identity as a Muslim American.
Our Vision

Our vision is to be a national model for Islamic education, ranked academically
among the top schools nationwide, and recognized for the excellence and global
contributions of our graduates.
To achieve our mission and realize our vision, our approach to education is holistic and guided by Islamic values and principles:
  • We believe that every student deserves to learn in an atmosphere in which they are known, challenged, supported, and respected, and that every child should be guided to achieve his/her highest potential;
  • Our students, teachers, staff and parents are partners. We believe that our success depends on all working together toward a common goal of educating our children and building a strong community;
  • We are committed to excellence in everything we do. That commitment shall be reflected in all our decisions and processes;
  • We value and honor our teachers and staff for their expertise, quality and hard work, and devotion to our students. They are the nurturers of academic excellence, spiritual growth, and character;
  • We observe and promote Islamic values of responsibility towards others, openness, and fairness;
  • We abide by Islamic rules and codes of conduct and observe the highest standards of ethical integrity in everything we do;
  • Individually and collectively, we think and always act in the interest of the School as an institution so we may please Allah, facilitate the long-term success of the School and serve the interest of the community;
  • We respect and value diversity;
  • We promote respect, innovation and collaboration as critical values in our people and programs;
  • We are committed to being responsible stewards of the financial resources entrusted to us.