Sports and Clubs » National Junior Honor Society ​(NJHS) ​6th - 8th Grade

National Junior Honor Society ​(NJHS) ​6th - 8th Grade

Sunrise Academy is a proud chapter of the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS). The purpose of the NJHS is to focus on high academics, as well as the following five traits: create enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire for service, promote leadership, develop character, and to encourage good citizenship in our students.

To become a member of the NJHS, students are required to: 1) maintain a 90% (A-) or above average in all of their classes throughout the school year, 2) show the five traits within their daily routines, and 3) complete at least 20 hours of community service during the school year.

The National Junior Honor Society encourages our students to work hard academically and socially to prepare for leadership, scholarship, service, character and citizenship for their future in high school, college and beyond insha'Allah.