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Distance for Existence (YANA)

During these trying times, we know that many have been struggling with social distancing and mental health. Children need to be able to communicate with their peers, as well as be able to express themselves. Due to the pandemic and most students learning virtually, Miss Dena Elgeziri and three of her fifth grade students, Anabiya Tarmohamed (President), Hiyad Shakir (Vice President), and Amina Salah (D.F.E Assistant) came up with a wonderful idea to get students together, yet still be safe and socially distanced. 
These three students came up with a Sunrise Academy Social Group called "Distance for Existence (D.F.E),   YANA (You Are Not Alone)."  This will be a weekly event where the students at Sunrise Academy get together in order to discuss their interests, movie nights, charades nights, family nights, etc. There will also be a chat session where students could chat about whatever is on their minds. Distance for Existence (D.F.E.) is a safe place where students can vent, laugh, make friendships, and be social in general. We are hoping to improve mental health, and make students feel like they are not alone. This website is not a social media website! Please keep this website within Sunrise Academy students only! If students from other schools begin to use it, we will have to shut down the website. Therefore, if Sunrise students have older siblings that go to another school, they can join the session with their Sunrise sibling only. 
A website has been created by one of the students, Amina Salah: This website is student- lead and includes more info about this group, the calendar, and even a "Salam Chat" where students can message Miss Dena, Anabiya, Amina, or Hiyad to talk about anything that may be bothering them, or to just chat about something in general that was on their mind. No one else will be seeing this chat besides the admins of the group. They are completely confidential.  It is meant to show students that Miss Dena and her students are there for them. 
Our first session will take place on Friday, November 6, 2020 at 7:00p.m. and will be about an hour long. This will take place via Zoom. The first session will be an introduction session stating expectations of the group. The link will be posted on the Distance for Existence website, as well as on the Sunrise Page.
We look forward to seeing you and remember, you are not alone. (YANA).