Employment Opportunities

We are currently looking for a middle/high school English/Language Arts teacher for 6th - 10th grade who meets the qualifications below. If you or someone you know are interested, please apply.

Position Type:
Middle School English/Language Arts Teacher (6th - 10th Grade)

Closing Date: 

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Believe and implement Sunrise Academy's Mission and Vision.
  • Develop, demonstrate and foster an attitude of continuous improvement within the school community.  
  • Build and nurture a professional and positive, working environment.
  • Provide excellent customer service to students and parents.  


Qualifications for this role include: 

  • Holds a bachelor's or master's degree in education (preferably for middle school ELA).
  • Holds a teaching license or certificate in the state of Ohio.
  • Preferably has at least one year experience working with students in a classroom. 
  • Knowledge and skills working with At-Risk students.  
  • Able to use technology as an instructional tool in the classroom, as a means of analyzing academic achievement data, and as a tool to aid effective communication.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication using proper grammar and vocabulary.
  • Exemplary work habits 
  • Successful experience as a teacher 
  • Experience working in an Islamic School Preferred 


Full-time, school-year

Application Procedures: 
To apply, please email your resume to: selgeziri@sunriseacademy.net 

Position Type:

Elementary Physical Education Teacher (Preschool - 6th grade)


Closing Date:



Physical education teachers should have stable dispositions in motivating students to exercise and engage in athletic activities. They need to strike a balance by encouraging students through their own excitement for sports and exercise programs while establishing procedures that promote student cooperation.


  • Holds Bachelor's degree (preferably in health and wellness)
  • Comfortable speaking in front of large groups
  • Able to explain complex procedures in simple terms
  • Take-charge types who are not easily intimidated 
  • Well-versed in school procedures and classroom management techniques
  • Prepared to enthusiastically teach a wide range of aerobics activities and sports
  • Education oriented, with a strong sense of fair play and inclination against favoritism
  • Able to teach diverse students with varied athletic interests and different physical abilities
  • Dedicated to healthy lifestyles, with an understanding of physiology, nutrition and metabolism


Full-time, school-year

Application Procedures: 
To apply, please email your resume to: selgeziri@sunriseacademy.net