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Assalam Alaikum/Welcome !

My name is Lul Hassan, I am the Islamic and Quran teacher for Kindergarten and 1st grade. I have been teaching at Sunrise Academy since 2002. I earned my Associates Degree of Arts at the Teacher's Training College in Somalia. I enjoy teaching younger grades as it exercises great effort and time in instilling the foundation of the Islamic faith. It's the fruit which would ripen in the near future Inshallah. With everyone's support and collaboration I feel we can achieve anything we set our mind to.
Classroom Rules: 
1. Follow Direction Quickly.
2. Raise your hand to get permisson to speak.
3. Ask for permission to leave your seat. 
4. Make smart choices.
5. Make your dear teacher happy!


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Welcome to First grade Quran & Islamic Studies. I look forward to work with you all.


Welcome to Kg Islamic studies and Quran class. I look forward to working with you all!!