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Welcome to My Islamic Studies Class


Assalamu Alaikum


My name is Yasemin Sezen and I have been teaching at Sunrise Academy for five years. I received my Bachelor of Science degree from University of Ankara in Turkey. My undergraduate major was Islamic Studies and I got a teaching certificate to teach Qur’an and Islamic Studies. I also received my Master of Education degree from the Ohio State University.

It is an honor for me to be part of Sunrise as a teacher and a parent. I love teaching Islamic Studies and Qur'an to our children. I believe Islamic Education is very important for them to grow to be good Muslims. This year, I am teaching 4th&5th grade Islamic Studies and 4/A Qur'an InshaAllah. With the help of Allah, my goal is to teach values and rules of our religion to our young ones, so that they can live by those values.