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Hanane Sariaa

Assalamu Alaikum!
Personal Info
My name is Mrs. Hanane Sariaa. I have been a dedicated teacher for a total of 20 years. I began my teaching experience in New York for 8 years. I taught students Quran, Arabic and Islamic Studies. I am now an Arabic and Quran teacher for grades 5th- 8th, and have been teaching here for 12 years this year. I also tutor children who need and want extra help in Quran. 
I graduated with a bachelors degree in Islamic Studies from Sidi Mohammed Ibn Abdullah University in Morocco.  I have recently received Ijaza in Nouraniya from Jadda and am currently working on a Ijaza in Quran Inshallah.  
My Goals 
  • To provide a safe environment in which students can learn about their religion and the Arabic language to prepare them for a brighter future 
  •  For the students to implement what they have learned from the Quran
  • Students understand the importance of following the rules in class and respecting the teacher and their classmates as a way to represent their religion in a proper manner.