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Mrs. Sawsan Shkoukani's Biography

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
My name is Sawsan Shkoukani, I have been a preschool teacher at Sunrise Academy since it opened in 2007. I have three children who attended Sunrise Academy. I have a degree in early childhood which helped with my overall experience as a teacher. My main focus at Sunrise Academy is Arabic and Islamic studies, which I teach in the Bee room to the four year old kids. I have been working with Mrs.Farhanah, who has been teaching general studies for many years. Alhamdullelah, with love, and through playing and having fun, the kids learn and we reach our goals of teaching. 
Bee Room Schedule:
* Arrival  8:45
* Free play  8:45
* Circle time  9:30
* Math/L.A  9:30
* Recess  10:00
* Arabic 10:30
* Lunch time  11:00
* Bathroom  11:30
* Quran  11:50
* Nap time   12:00
* Bathroom  1:30
* Snack  1:45
* Specials/  I.S  2:00