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Assalamu alaikum/Hello,


My name is Feraliza Gitosuputro. My students call me Mrs. Fera. I have been a part of the Sunrise Academy family since 2007, starting with my two daughters, Fadila and Laiqa, who had been Sunrise Students. Now they are currently in university and high school. In 2010, I joined the family as an elementary assistant teacher.


Even though I really enjoy teaching at Noor Academy Sunday School for more than 10 years, working at Sunrise is the best job I ever had. My husband has also told me that I have the best job in the whole world!


I was born and grew up in Indonesia, where I originally am from. After I got married, I moved to Springfield, IL. All four of my daughters were born there as well. I have a degree in Accounting and Finance, but teaching is my passion. I enjoy cooking, travelling and spending time with my family.


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