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Mrs. Randa's Biography

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My name is Randa Al-Ghanmah and I am the Arabic intervention teacher for 1st through 5th grade. I was for four years an Arabic teacher Preschool -3. This is my sixth year at Sunrise Academy. I have also taught at First Time Learn Academy - Columbus and this is my 10th year teaching elementary and middle school in Masjid Al Noor (NICC) - Dublin, Saturday school.


I graduated with a Computer Science Degree from the College of Kuwait. I also have Nouraniya Ijaza from Jeddah and the Ijaza for reading Quran from Jordan.


I love being part of the Sunrise Academy family and l love working with amazing students.

My goal is to inspire my students to love learning Arabic so that they can open the Quran and read it confidently. 

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