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Reopening Plan for 2020-21 School Year

Under current guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), recommendations from the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) and under guidance from the Governor’s office, Sunrise Academy School Board and Administration will offer E-learning 2.0 for grades Kindergarten – 9th for the first quarter (August 31st - October 29th) and full-time onsite instruction model for preschool. Kindergarten - 9th Grade will transition to Hybrid Learning on Monday, November 2nd. However, Sunrise Academy will be monitoring the Public Health Advisory for possible school closure. The Public Health Advisory System is designed to access the degree of the virus spread which will help us respond and take action. If the Public Health Advisory reports a Level 3 or 4 Public Emergency, Kindergarten - 9th will immediately transition into PLAN # 3 (E-learning 2.0 Model).

This video outlines our reopening plans for the 2020-2021 school year and describes the equipment we will be using in the classrooms to live broadcast instruction for those students who are at home. The classroom in the video is displayed as a model and doesn't represent the classroom setup in the fall. All students will be required to wear masks and all objects will be disinfected between uses.

Heath and Safety Plan

  • Temperature checks for all students and staff upon arrival
  • Weekly pre-screening exposure surveys for families (MANDATORY)
  • Social distancing of 3ft (Plan # 1) or 6ft (plan # 2)
  • Face masks are required while on school premises (Sneeze guards will be purchased for students to place on their desks)
  • Prepackaged breakfast will be served in classrooms
  • Lunch will be served in the lunchroom (no more than 4 students to a table)
  • Prayer will take place in the classrooms (students must bring their own prayer rugs)
  • Janitorial staff will intensify efforts to cleaning and disinfect high traffic areas on an hourly basis
  • School will be closed every Wednesday for cleaning and disinfecting between cohorts
Instruction Plan 
Instructional Plan


Students who do not want to attend onsite instruction can select PLAN # 2 (COHORT C) full-time E-learning. See application below.
plan 2

PLAN # 3: E-LEARNING 2.0 MODEL (K-9th)