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Annual Reports

2018-2019 School Assessment Reports
​At Sunrise Academy, our students are making more than average growth on their Math, Reading, Literacy and Arabic Assessments.

Sunrise Academy calculates student growth on the NWEA MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) assessment and the STEP (Strategic Teaching and Evaluation of Progress Program), which allows us to measure each students baseline at the beginning of the year and then their growth compared to their peers nationally and the grade level norm.
Our students also take the Ohio State Tests at the end of each school year and based on the results, SA students are above the state level average proficiency scores.

When reading the graphs below, the blue bar graphs represent Sunrise Academy students and the red line graphs represent their peers nationally or on a state level. ​
When reading the Arabic and Islamic Studies graphs below, the fall assessments were given to determine each students baseline at the beginning of the year and used to drive instruction.
​The spring assessments show the growth and progress SA students made from the fall to spring.