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Community Information Session 2018
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  • 1:17 My Middle School Students Protesting and Speaking Against Gun Violence in America at the Students Rally 3-24-18.


    It is our duty as Muslims to use our voice to better humanity for all. It is incumbent upon us to speak up and take a stand against social injustice or lack of social awareness. We must understand the political issues that effect our time and assume leadership positions when necessary We must stand and educate the masses as well as actively participate in changing aspects of a system that is failing this generation.

    In my Life Skills class I encouraged students to take the Islamic values they learned and put them in action in their day to day lives. I escorted a group of students on a Saturday to the Students March against gun violence. One of my students spoke on the national and international news. My students believed that there should be greater gun control in the USA. I am proud of all my students but it warms my heart deeply when my students assume leadership roles in the communities at large we live in. That is Islam in action!

    Uploaded Aug 09, 2018
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